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As the New Year barrels towards us at breakneck speeds, I have been moving behind the scenes to make sure 2020 is our best year yet. Skateboarding as a whole will be under a new scrutiny with the eyes of the world watching the Olympics. It’s the end of a decade, and by December, I will have been making boards for 5 Years. The focus of Voxel Boards has often shifted under my inexperienced hands. It’s my first real business, and as a fledgling, it has grown a bit and persevered up to this moment. We haven’t had many sales or grown to be as visible as we would like but this year, we aim for things to be different.


Throughout the last year, I’ve worked hard to shift our processes and mindset beyond the garage that we started in. We moved into a workshop (twice!), built and acquired new tools for squeezing out every ounce of quality we can muster. I’ve tinkered with new materials, revised old designs and 3D Printed new products and prototypes. My friends and artists have been ever supportive by providing feedback, skating with me and of course, playing Guinea Pig so you don’t have to. I’ve honed and improved my skills as a designer and even picked up some new software which has made my job a lot easier. We’ve managed to fill out our website with more of our products. Some familiar, others new and still plenty left to come! I’ve gotten a nice uptick in traffic and have been recognized in person by total strangers, and relatively distant customers. Every year, things get a little more serious but I continue to have just as much fun if not more than when I started. The people, the places, the skills I’ve learned all accumulated to make 2019 one of the most memorable in my life. Thank you. Thank you for following my journey, supporting my products, designs, and humble business. Thank you for remembering me, my friends, and my little hometown by our art and the things that we produce. We’re not even close to done, we’re just getting started.

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