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2021 and Season Five

This tumultuous year came to a close with a flurry of activity here at Voxel Boards.

Primary design work at the workshop and at home began to wind down as the primary “Five Classics” completed their design process.

With more time to focus on production and media, we quickly pivoted into these ventures. Check out our latest media release “A Clear Blue Day in LA”!

The Pharaoh

Winter and the Holiday season saw the late arrival of our latest Deck design.

The Pharaoh is a 36″ x 9.5″ Hybrid Micro-Drop deck. Conceived as a directional top-mount, The Pharaoh comes equipped with a variety of features

intended bring you a consistent and reliable Downhill and Freeride Deck. The Pharaoh’s design has been refined over a year’s time to provide with a secret weapon at all your future sessions.

Featuring a fresh and uniquely shaped “Hourglass-Tub” Concave, the standing platform provides leverage where you need it and a comfortable space for your feet right where you need it.

A 16mm Micro-Drop defines this deck, with slides taking less effort whilst you retain more control compared to a typical drop deck.

As a Black-Owned business, I felt it was my responsibility to give a voice to the voiceless with my small platform.

The original Project Name for this design was “Inquisitor” but as the year 2020 moved forward, my inspiration had shifted.

The official name for this design became “The Pharaoh” and I specially commissioned a new graphic from a local artist.

The idea for this Black Panther resurrected is symbolic, and inspired by heroes and martyrs like Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, Huey P. Newton and the countless victims of racism and violence that are remembered in the name of peace and equality for all.


The Kraken: Our New 3D Printing Ecosystem

I spent some time revamping and upgrading my entire system to provide more accurate 3D printing and a better service to all of my customers.

Lets start with my vision for customer service.


Monitor the progress of your 3D Printed Order live, with a secured Live-Stream of our 3D Printer while your order is being manufactured.

When your order is ready to be printed, we can provide a secure link to this live-stream!

With services provided by The Spaghetti Detective, your print is protected from errors and defects using Artificial Intelligence, while remote access gives us power to manage our machines remotely, securely, and quickly.

Time-lapse data can be made available upon request for fun, troubleshooting, or curiosity!


“The Kraken Server”

The software is only possible with hardware! I’ve introduced a webcam into the equation, and a secured server named “Kraken” that will be in charge of managing the Printer Farm here at Voxel Boards.

The Kraken name came from the idea of allowing a tentacle to pop out anywhere I need it, lending me access to my network of machines anywhere in the world I might be, and keeping an eye on things when I am unable to.

Reliability and transparency are my best tools and when it comes to automation, those benefits should pass right on to the customer. Using our Kraken Servers, I hope more customers will recognize our 3D Printed products and services as the best in the community.


Upcoming Projects: Xyclops + Visionary

Xyclops and Visionary will be the most innovative “moonshot” project from Voxel Boards to date.

While not many specific details can be given out due to the nature of this new product, I wanted to inform my customers and fans that they are not the names of future Deck designs.

Visionary is intended to be software available for free to all customers and users, and will also provide additional functionality to a related project.

Stay tuned!


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