Voxel Boards is proud to be a garage-startup. From two workbenches at home, to a 10’x10′ unit to an even larger mini-factory. Our journey started in 2015, marking four years of pushing the envelope and beating expectations.

We are a company that is woven from the fabric of local artists, dedicated and talented skaters and innovation out of necessity.

We offer Hand-crafted skateboards for multiple disciplines and styles ; Unique, Custom, and locally inspired art and graphics and a variety of 3D printed products and services.

Voxel Boards is one-man factory that is motivated by the nostalgia of childhood and curiosity for the future.



Technology Development

As a small fish in a big pond, we’ve often had to lean on the lowest common denominator when it comes to equipment and tools. As Voxel Boards has and continues to mature over the years, our arsenal of tools and techniques expands. By adopting computer controlled machinery to supplement human labor, we’ve been able to bridge the gap between skill and tools. Advances in our technology and products can now be implemented in real-time and faster than the competition. Half of our gear production line can now be controlled from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Artistic Vision

Investing in your community means more than just shopping local or helping your streets clean. Since our inception, Voxel Boards has commissioned local artists for our Skateboard Graphics and continues to pay a fair wage for the diverse and immense talent that decorates our decks.

Voxel Boards is a one-man factory but since the graphic is often the first thing someone sees when shopping for a deck, I humble myself and share the credit with my artistic friends, colleagues and contributors by referring to “Voxel Boards” as “We”.


Localized Vertical Integration

The ultimate goal of Voxel Boards is to become as vertically integrated as possible, in terms of skateboard production. I want to cut the wood that becomes veneer, manufacture, design and distribute all of our own raw materials and original products. Voxel Boards is positioning itself to become a full-fledged manufacturer for specialized skateboard products and gear.


Ecological Sustainability

We live in a world of planned obsolescence, wasteful consumerism and destructive pollution. Voxel Boards has worked from the beginning to minimize our impact on the world, starting with reduced waste manufacturing processes and solar-powered facilities. Our Skateboards specifically are designed to be durable and last as long as possible – hopefully so they can get more use than the average deck, and possibly serve many riders after the the original purchase.



Voxel Boards shreds throughout certain iterations in a simulated Multi-Verse.

By exploiting known, unknown and delusional mathematical loop-holes, the laws of physics are twisted to reveal the misadventures and technological developments from a parallel but brave new world.



Q: Are your decks made to order? When can I expect to receive my purchase?

A: We purchase our materials in bulk quantities and that is mostly limited by what we can afford at the time. Since we manufacture and design everything in house, we have the advantage of relying on a stock of fresh materials to build whatever is particularly in demand, ensuring a fresher product arriving in your hands.

As of 2020, we produce 3 decks per design and keep them in stock for immediate buyers. Customers have the option to back-order a deck while it is being produced. Our current production level can handle roughly 2-3 decks per day.

In general, all orders with in-stock product ship within 24-48 hours of being placed with more time being required for particularly large or custom orders.

Q: I have some concerns regarding International Shipping!


A: We try to address our International Customers as best we can!

Send any questions in an email to voxelboardsofficial@gmail.com for specific customer service.

Q: How many employees do you have? Who does the art?


A: Voxel Boards is a one-man mini factory!

There’s goals for expansion in the future as Voxel Boards continues to expand and grow.

The Artwork on our decks is commissioned through local artists and close friends.

Each artist is paid for their patient and skillful contributions.


Q: My product was faulty/damaged/destroyed while I was using it! Help!


A: All of our 3D Printed Products are protected under our replacement guarantee!

Provide proof of purchase and pictures of the critical defect or damage, and we will work with you to replace your product within reason.

Issues with a Deck? Pre-2020 Purchase? Purchase Used? Email voxelboardsofficial@gmail.com for customer assistance.

We offer lifetime* deck repair! We will replace or fix critical manufacturing defects, or restore scratched graphics!

Lifetime*:(Until one of us dies, or until I retire.)