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Just Another July In My Endless Summer

Our website went down, and I’ve been working on restoring it, and providing a much needed fresh look and feel. For now, no orders can be placed on our site, but when our store re-opens, orders will be shipped promptly and to the best of our abilities! Contrary to our brief but extended absence, Voxel Boards will up and in full production by September. An appropriate Autumn sale will begin, as we continue to expand and grow as a business, and personally as well.

Shortly before our last page’s demise, I teased a picture on our social media accounts about our latest product and innovation – Slide pucks made using recycled 3D prints and material. The response I got from the community was very positive, and I’m super excited to provide these to our community! After some further testing, these pucks will be available at the affordable price of 15.99, and could possibly see a further reduction in price if significant customer interest allows us to invest in more infrastructure to produce them in higher quantity. Further, we have plans to provide one of our signature “product bundles” which will include a set of puck risers that will help customers get the most use of our products or any other slide-puck. All this, while made in-house with biodegradable waste-materials from our other in-house processes.

How brief is this update? Brief enough for me to type out before I return home from a much needed vacation. I’ve got a 6+ hour drive ahead of me, and tons of new designs and content coming at you when I’m settled back in my city. My work is never done!


Oh, and buy some decks for Christmas. I worked hard on the new quiver. <3