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The 805² is a modern incarnation of a tried and true Voxel Board original design.

The 805² is pressed with a mini-sized kicktail, gentle wheel-flares and with a focus on a new mellow-cave philosophy. It’s a mini-kick which is a deviation from our full sized kicktail legacy. I made this design choice to give the rider options without completely shortening your wheelbase. The concave is similar to the Hustler, and has an hourglass-tub shape. The concave also features mild wheel flares to help with clearance and provide points of reference. This makes the board more suitable for a slalom style race deck with smaller trucks if that’s your preference, or a reasonably sized city slasher. It’s a smallish downhill deck with a baby kicktail.

Finding you need aggressiveness in your concave? We’ve got you covered, offering you our selection of 3D Printed Concave implants at a steep discount to bundle with your new deck. Concave implants are can be extremely advantageous; Their potential geometry is greater than what can be pressed into a deck in some cases and they’re durable but can be removed or changed to suit changing tastes. Griptape is included for free!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 9 in

VC-Hybrid (Affordable), Higgs Lite (Premium)

Concave Implant

Butter W, Bacon W, Cactus Implant, Moona Implant, NONE


805² (36 Inch), Super Villian (34")

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  1. Alex Ng (verified owner)

    Pretty sweet deck, does everything that it says on the tin. I was talking with Shawn for a while about the 805 and after he described to me what it was like, I knew I had to try it. I’ve been riding it around for a couple of weeks now as a city slasher and definitely love how it feels for that role. The concave is relatively mellow compared to some other boards I’ve ridden, but it makes it great as a city deck since it keeps you nimble on the deck and I love the wheel wells; they’re pretty deep and well positioned and I have yet to get any bite. My only grip, which is a personal one is for a slightly more aggressive kicktail; its a little mellow for my tastes for something to slash around on, but I can definitely see where they were going with the design. It keeps the footprint small, compact, and it still does its job.

    I’ve taken it for one small run and I like it for something small, the aforementioned concave is a little more mellow than I’m used to so I didn’t get that totally locked in feeling that im used to but at lower speeds it was a lot of fun, and I believe there are implants that you can play around with that can change the experience. I might order some and see if I can get a different feeling deck with them.

    Overall, pretty sick deck, its built well, does everything you could ask of it, looks rad, and is a whole lot of fun. If I had to compare it to a deck, I’d almost say its like a Libido’s bigger, more fun brother but that would do the 805 a disservice because it is definitely its own board with a lot more to offer than something like a Libido.

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