805² – Coming Soonest!!


  1. The 805² is a modern incarnation of a tried and true Voxel Board original design.

The 805² is pressed with a full sized single kicktail, gentle wheel flares and with a focus on a new mellow-cave philosophy. 6mm of radial concave provide leverage to activate your turns while keeping you gripped in.

Finding you need aggressiveness in your concave? We’ve got you covered, offering you our selection of 3D Printed Concave implants at a steep discount to bundle with your new deck. Concave implants are can be extremely advantageous; Their potential geometry is greater than what can be pressed into a deck in some cases and they’re durable but can be removed or changed to suit changing tastes. Griptape is included for free!

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 9 in

VC-Hybrid (Affordable), Higgs Lite (Premium)

Concave Implant

Butter W, Bacon W, Cactus Implant, Moona Implant, NONE


805² (36 Inch), Super Villian (34")


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