Butter “W” – 3D Printed Concave Implant


A Concave implant, shaped like a half-melted stick of butter!

This implant is applied to your deck with a strip of adhesive, and is meant to be covered by your griptape.

With a low-profile, durable PLA construction and comfortable shape, you can stand on top of this implant all day long without your feet getting too sore.

127mm x 24.5mm x 3mm

(Color may vary)



Install your new concave implant by simply placing it under the grip in the desired location and orientation, then apply fresh grip tape over it!

At Voxel Boards, we LOVE concave implants! We think they are the future of rider optimization, as there is a huge potential for unique geometries that are not possible to press into wood. Our concave implants are durable, and with proper care they can be used indefinitely!

The best part about concave implants is the versatility and removability!


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