The Gravos² is a Drop-Deck that’s all about combining modern Micro-Drops with a small and versatile shape. Great things come in small packages, and if you need to cruise from your class and zoom down a hill in Santa Barbara to make it back to your apartment, this just may be the perfect deck for you! A Light Downhill warrior, a casual campus cruiser, A great potential Esk8 setup or pusher for your commute!

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Gravos² Comes in at a discrete 34″ x 9″ form factor, making it the perfect stow-away during travels and commutes. With comfortable 6mm deep mellow-concave and a decisively short 0.75″ Drop, Gravos² is perfect for everything from campus cruising, to light downhill.

A lowered center of gravity makes each slide effortless, while keeping you stable at speed. A calculated 27″ wheelbase lends itself to comfortable cruising, and tight turns on urban sidewalks.


Pressed with VC – Hybrid Construction, Gravos² is a feather-weight, coming in at a little over 3 pounds. With a tested maple layup and the dense, consistent grain and flexibility of a bamboo core.

Next, we lay our vibrant graphic against bare-wood and apply two sheets of fiberglass with a durable and locally poured water-based epoxy for abrasion resistance and increased torsional strength in tension.


A Taiyaki Fish Ice-Cream inspired graphic! You can get these tasty treats at our local Coastal Cone Ice-Cream parlor, that sits at the harbor not far from Downtown. A salty breeze, and a vibrant summer look through any weather!

Protected under 2 sheets of fiberglass, no paint is used in our process. This prevents chips, cracks, and fading – keeping your graphic lasting longer, and making it easier to restore.

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VC-Hybrid(Affordable), Higgs Lite(Premium)


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