Voxel Slide Pucks v2 – Recycled 3D Prints (New Nano-Diamond Formula)


Slide Pucks made from Recycled 3D printer waste. These pucks are translucent, revealing a menagerie of uniquely sequestered biodegradable PLA. These Slide Pucks glow in the dark, and include a glow in the dark keychain for a more on-demand glow effect.


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After some further testing, these pucks will be available at the affordable price of 15.99, and could possibly see a further reduction in price if significant customer interest allows us to invest in more infrastructure to produce them in higher quantity. Further, we have plans to provide one of our signature “product bundles” which will include a set of puck risers that will help customers get the most use of our products or any other slide-puck. All this, while made in-house with biodegradable waste-materials from our other in-house processes.


New Formula

Our original pucks were successful in terms of shape and functionality, and as a result we learned a lot about how to make them better. Our new Nano-Diamond formula increases wear durability and is more lubricious.


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