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Rising To The Glass Ceiling: Gravos²

“The weight of a sword.”

Gravity is ever-present in our lives. From the moments before we’re born, and especially the moments we’re sliding down hills or edging ahead of our friends in parking-structures. Today, the Gravos² serves as a reliable entryway for beginners, and a cruiser with teeth for advanced skaters. For this reason, Gravos² features a 3/4″ linear micro-drop and spacious wheel cutouts. 6mm’s of mellow radial concave helps to activate your turns, as well as functioning like a canvas for potential concave-implants. I’ve chosen not to include drop-through mounting and as a result, the skater can expect more stability without sacrificing as much grip.


“Prototypes Are Like Tech Demos”


Innovating on our construction has been a priority from the beginning. Being able to provide the same deck in two very different construction materials is an art-form. Iteration is key, and when you want to go into a new direction, it’s best to test as much as you can and to take steps out of your comfort-zone. Reach as far towards your goals as possible when you’re developing something, and show the world what you can do – then refine the shape until it’s indistinguishable from your vision.

Reliable, Versatile, Durable

Gravos² measures in at 34″ x 9″, making it the perfect stow-away during travels and commutes. With comfortable 6mm deep mellow-concave and a decisively short 0.75″ Micro-Drop, Gravos² is perfect for everything from campus cruising, to light downhill. Between our affordable VC-Hybrid Construction for slightly more flex or our premium Higgs Lite Construction if you need more stiffness. Spacious wheel-cutout provide adequate room for large wheels. Peace of mind from wheel bite, combined with predictable grip and easier slides…Gravos² is straight out of the Goldilocks-Zone

“Ice-Cream That Never Melts”

This Graphic was inspired by a local ice-cream parlor – Coastal Cone! This beautiful Taiyaki Cone was digitally drawn by local Artist Elise Tapia and is protected under fiberglass and water-based epoxy.

Consistent Quality

Our decks are handmade and supplemented with 3D printing and CNC technology. Repeatability is no issue with our modern and unique techniques in the shop. We use both 3D printed mould sections or full machined moulds for pressing our decks but the results are the same. Accurate concave, tight lamination and warp-resistant decks.

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