3D Printing

Our 3D Printed products are a cornerstone of our company, and our vision for the future. Accurate, tastefully designed, and efficiently manufactured. Since we manufacture most of our products in-house, we have a high standard of quality control. We recycle the small amount of waste generated, and primarily use biodegradable materials during printing.

Board Manufacturing

As we begin to utilize our new CNC Machine, we will develop more complex and high quality skateboards.

This is a machine that we will continuously update in order to leverage the benefits that robotics can provide. This machine will allow us to produce difficult or costly features such urethane bumpers and highly accurate flushmounts. Additionally, it will allow us to manufacture all of our new deck moulds in-house.



Reinforced Cork x Urethane Flushmounts

By reducing uneven strain with a reinforced insert and introducing damping materials, this optional feature can normalize certain road vibrations and can potentially reduce foot strain as well as provide marginal amounts of control in adverse road conditions.


Mellow – Concave Philosophy

Concave implants are arguably the best way to implement a variety complex concave features – some of which are impossible or difficult to press into a deck. Using our collection of concave implant designs allow us to transcend and challenge what is possible for future designs.